Based in one of the most dynamic cities in Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, our Düsseldorf office organises outstanding events all over the country.

Düsseldorf is closer to Brussels, Luxembourg  Amsterdam and even Paris than Berlin. Work here and you'll be working in the heart of Europe, within a few hours of some of the continents' tourist hotspots, while the city itself has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the world, and a fantastic cultural scene of its own.

Located in Media Harbour, our office is situated in a thriving part of the city, with some of the best culinary experiences in Germany just a stones throw away. It's also a short walk to the historic Old Town (Altstadt) with hundreds of bars, discos and restaurants. This is why it’s known as the longest bar in the world.

Within the office building itself our employees can enjoy a canteen, coffee bar, and various activities from video games to table football. As part of our team you'll get to take part in plenty of social and sporting events too! It's not all games, but it is all fun. 

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We offer you one of the most modern ways of working. 

Our Open Space Office gives you the flexibility and the freedom to be creative - on your own or in a group, at your desk, kicking and a game of darts with colleagues or having coffee in our lounge.

Do you occasionally need a safe haven? That too is no problem for us. Our office landscape is adjusted to all work habits

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Every year 1,200 gallons of milk frothed in our office coffee machines

We offer a selection of 36 different teas to our employees

There are 12 hairdressers within a 5-minute walking distance from the office

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