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Where can you join us?

We have forty offices across the world.
Explore some of our locations to find out more!

United States

Photograph of the Manhattan skyline at dusk

Norwalk, New York, Los Angeles

Group photograph of Reed Exhibitions USA employees
Group photograph of Reed Exhibitions USA employees posing at a golf course
Group photograph of young Reed Exhibitions USA employees posing on a beach
Group photograph of Reed Exhibitions employees holding up a sign saying "Reed Exhibitions cares" in the store room of a food bank
Group photo of male Reed Exhibitions USA employees wearing sports kit at a basketball court

Reed Exhibitions USA Norwalk
Tel: +1 203 840 4800
Reed Exhibitions USA Los Angeles - Agenda Shows
Tel: +1 213 223 5111

Reed Exhibitions USA New York - Capsule Shows
Tel: +1 212 206 8310
Reed MIDEM New York

From our four locations on the East and West coasts, we organize high-profile events held in major cities across the country, including; New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, Miami, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore and Orlando, so there's plenty of opportunity to travel with us.

Teams from Reed Exhibitions US and Reed MIDEM are based in our two offices in Downtown Manhattan. From our Park Avenue location MIDEM runs events in the entertainment and real estate sectors, while our teams in the Meatpacking District co-ordinate the Capsule Shows serving the fashion industry.

In Norwalk, Connecticut, our growing office includes a core group of B2B events for industry sectors like Golf, Jewelry and Home and Hardwares. Additionally, Norwalk houses a division of ReedPOP, a quirky offshoot of Reed Exhibitions known for events such as Comic Con NY, Super Week and PAX.

Our teams based in Los Angeles are responsible for events in a range of industries, including Agenda, a leading fashion trade event held in Long Beach, Miami and Las Vegas.

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Photograph of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris at dusk

Paris, Boulogne-Billancourt, Puteaux

Group of French employees wearing matching pink shirts at a marine industry event
Group photograph of French Reed Exhibitions employees
Photograph of four Reed Exhibitions France employees at an event
Reed Exhibitions France employees at a sports event posing at La Défense, Paris
Reed Exhibitions France employee holding up her award
French Reed Exhibitions employee holding award against a black background

Reed Expositions France
Tel: +33 (0) 1 4756 5000

Tel: +33 1 79 71 90 00

Tel: +33 (0) 1 4429 0200

We have two of our major businesses in France, both located close to central Paris with views overlooking the river towards the Eiffel Tower. Reed Expositions France (REF) employs over four hundred people at its offices in Puteaux and Reed MIDEM is located in Boulogne Billancourt - it also has offices in London and New York, employing over three hundred people globally.

Reed Expositions is the largest business in the Reed family, by revenue. It hosts over fifty two business and consumer events annually, bringing together tens of thousands of products, services, business communities and shared interest groups. 

Within a multicultural and dynamic environment, Reed MIDEM is focused on premium and professional events across the world in the Entertainment (music, television, digital content), Real Estate and Retail industries, serving over sixty thousand executives from one hundred and thirty countries.

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The waterfront in Düsseldorf, Germany


Reed Exhibitions Deutschland employees having a discussion in the office diner
Photograph of the inside of the Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH office in Düsseldorf
Reed Exhibitions Germany telemarketer Erika posing with 3-CPO and R2-D2 from the Star Wars franchise
A meeting room inside the Reed Exhibitions Deutschland office in Düsseldorf
Group photograph of Reed Exhibitions Germany employees posing with the company sports team flag and shirts
A meeting room inside the Reed Exhibitions Deutschland office in Düsseldorf
The entrance to the diner inside the Reed Exhibitions office in Düsseldorf
A book case inside the Reed Exhibitions Deutschland office
Reed Exhibitions Germany employees working at their desks

Reed Exhibitions Deutschland GmbH
Völklinger Straße 4
Tel +49 (0) 211 90 191 0

Based in one of the most dynamic cities in Germany, the economic powerhouse of Europe, our Düsseldorf office organises outstanding events all over the country.

Düsseldorf is closer to Brussels, Luxembourg  Amsterdam and even Paris than Berlin. Work here and you'll be working in the heart of Europe, within a few hours of some of the continents' tourist hotspots, while the city itself has one of the highest quality of life ratings in the world, and a fantastic cultural scene of its own.

Located in Media Harbour, our office is situated in a thriving part of the city, with some of the best culinary experiences in Germany just a stones throw away. It's also a short walk to the historic Old Town with hundreds of bars and restaurants.

Within the office building itself our employees can enjoy a canteen, coffee bar, and various activities from video games to table football. As part of our team you'll get to take part in plenty of social and sporting events too! It's not all games, but it is all fun: you'll get to work on fantastic events like Bar Convent Berlin and FIBO in Cologne.

Search our jobs to see how you could join our team.

United Kingdom

Tower bridge in the evening

Richmond, London, Solihull

Reed Exhibitions Limited (UK) and Reed Travel Exhibitions

Reed MIDEM London

The UK plays host to several key functions. Richmond is home to the global HQ, our UK business and it is the lead office for several of our global industry teams. In addition to Richmond, our UK business has a small office in Solihull, where some of our UK accounting team is based and our Reed MIDEM UK team is based in central London.

Over four hundred people work for us in Richmond, making us one of the largest employers in the town. The majority are part of the UK Business, or they work for our Global teams supporting the travel and cosmetics sectors or are part of our international sales office managing global clients. Our CEO and several of the worldwide executive team are also located in Richmond with the global functions, such as Corporate Finance, M&A and Technology. As a result, there are always a lot of Richmond based people flowing to and from Heathrow airport!

Reed MIDEM, our Entertainment and Real Estate segment businesses based in Holborn, are a small, dedicated team of Sales and Client Services specialists who work with both UK and Australian clients.

If you're looking for fun, excitement, diversity and a company with a track record for success, look no further. See how you could join us by searching our jobs!


Photograph of the Shanghai skyline with the Oriental Pearl Tower in the centre, taken from the banks of the Huangpu river

Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou

Photograph of Reed Exhibitions China employees talking in their office
Photograph of Reed Exhibitions China employees attending a meeting in their Beijing office, with a statue of Iron Man in the background
Two Reed Exhibitions employees in Beijing examine a brochure
Picture of Reed Exhibitions China employee conversing with a client
Joan Zhao, Amanda Wan, and Chris Chai pictured together in their Beijing office


Reed Exhibitions (China) Ltd. Head Office










Home to one of the oldest civilisations on Earth, encompassing deserts, mountains, plains, steaming rice terraces, ancient monuments and some of the largest, most modern metropolises in the world, China is an incredible place to be. Still undergoing perhaps the fastest economic transformation in history, this country presents an endless opportunities.

Reed Exhibitions run some of China's biggest and most exciting events, including Comic Con in Shanghai. China is home to one of our biggest global operations, and we have offices in four locations.

Our Beijing office is located in one of the Chinese capital's business districts. Located near the popular, cosmopolitan shopping and bar hub of Sanlitun and well connected by public transport and road, you'll be ideally located to enjoy the city's nightlife, whilst working for one of Beijing's top 30 employers.

We also have an office in Shanghai, China's largest city and a symbol of the country's booming economy. With its iconic skyline, historic European and Chinese architecture, ultra-modern transport system and an endless array of shops, bars and restaurants, there are few places in the world as exciting as Shanghai.

Shenzhen has been dubbed China's 'silicon valley', and is one of southern China's most important economic centres. Situated right next to the cosmopolitan former British territory of Hong Kong, across the water from Macau with its unique Portuguese flavour, and within easy reach of the beating heart of Cantonese culture in Guangzhou, it’s an ideal place from which to experience southern China.

On the banks of the Yellow river, Zhengzhou is one of the eight great ancient capitals of China and an emerging megacity.

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Photograph of the Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore


Reed Exhibitions Singapore employees enjoying food and drinks in the office
Group photo of Reed Exhibitions staff in Singapore posing in front of statues of Iron Man and The Hulk at Comicon

Reed Exhibitions Singapore
1 Changi Business Park Crescent
#06-01 Plaza 8 @ CBP Tower A

Tel: +65 6789 8800
Fax: +65 6789 7711


High-tech, cosmopolitan, and a leading global hub for commerce, finance and travel: Singapore has it all. With great nightlife and high quality of life, it's an ideal place to live and work, and with the entire country fitting into one small island, you'll never be far from home!

Enjoy a unique blend of Chinese, Malay and Indian culture with sprinkles of British colonial history in one of the world's cleanest, most modern cities.

Singapore hosts a huge and diverse array of culinary treats, festivals, cultural experiences and shopping opportunities, but despite its status as the world's second most densely populated country, over 50% of Singapore is covered by greenery, meaning it's not all hustle and bustle. It's also a major transport hub, just across the water from Malaysia and Indonesia. Whats more, our office is right next to the airport, so you can hop straight on a plane on a Friday evening for a weekend away.

Working with Reed Exhibitions in Singapore, you'll get to work on great events covering a range of industries, from television to architecture. We also offer our employees a range of events throughout the year, including volunteering opportunities, company-wide team building and parties for Christmas and Chinese New Year. 

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Photograph of Salzburg, taken from a high vantage point overlooking the river

Vienna, Salzburg

A group of Reed Exhibitions employees in their office in Austria

Reed Exhibitions Messe Salzburg
Tel: +43 662 44770

Reed Exhibitions Messe Wien
Tel: +43 1 727 200

From Vienna and Salzburg, our teams organise 'trade only' and 'public access' fairs and events across Central and Eastern Europe for a range of sectors, including Comic Con and the Automotive, Construction, Design, Manufacturing and Travel industries.

Between our two offices are over 350 people. In Vienna, we're close to the city centre, on the edge of the Danube, in the second district, Leopoldstadt. Our Salzburg office is northwest of the city, on the banks of the Salzach, in the Liefering district's exhibition centre.

System Standbau and Expoxx are two of our partners also based in Austria. Specialists in the construction and technology of exhibition equipment, they provide a full range of services, from classic kit systems to complete stand concepts.

See how you could join our teams in Austria.


Photograph of the Sydney Opera House at dusk, with the Sydney Harbour Bridge in the foreground


Reed Exhibitions Australia
Tower 2
475 Victoria Avenue

Tel: +61 2 9422 2500
Fax: +61 2 9422 2555


Located just north of Sydney, our Australian office delivers award-winning events like PAX, which won Australian Event of the Year & Best Consumer Show over 10,000 square metres.

From hair and beauty trade shows to Australia's Comic Con, our office works on some of Oceania's most important and exciting events. We're situated in Chatswood, a vibrant, multicultural district 10km north of central Sydney, which offers a fantastic selection of shops and restaurants. We're also just 2 minutes away from the train station and bus interchange, making commuting extremely convenient. Our office organises extensive social activities for our team, and being so close to Australia's biggest city, there's always something going on.

Interested? Search our jobs to see how you could join us!


Photograph of the skyline of São Paulo, Brazil, taken from Ibirapuera Park with a body of water in the foreground

São Paulo

Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado
Rua Bela Cintra, 1200, 7° andar
São Paulo

Tel: +55 11 3060 5000
Fax: +55 11 3060 5001

Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado operates in Brazil through its offices in São Paulo and Ribeirão Preto. With a portfolio of 40 brands, throughout the national territory, the group brings to Brazil the best practices in exhibition events, with the experience of someone who is a world leader in this market. Our teams develop market and organise events for a wide range of industries, including Automotive, Food, Hospitality, Publishing, Construction, Security, Trade and Travel. 

In São Paulo, the office is based in the financial district, near Paulista Avenue and is easily accessible by public transport.

Would you like to join us in Brazil? Take a look at our current opportunities




Reed Tradex Team

Reed Tradex

Tel: +662 686 7299



Located in Bangkok, for 30 years Reed Tradex has been creating high profile, targeted industry events and contacts where buyers and suppliers come together to do business. Currently Reed Tradex organizes 20 strong brands of international conferences and exhibitions across Thailand and Vietnam such as: Manufacturing Expo, Metalex, Tilog and Logistix, Cosmex and Nepcon.

At Reed Tradex we have 110 staff across 8 departments and expansion is planned in 2017 with the addition of new launch events.  Our office is located in the heart of the bustling business district just 5 minutes’ walk from Chong Nonsi BTS Sky train station. Bangkok has a rich mix of old and new with climate-controlled megamalls sitting side-by-side with 200-year-old village homes and gold-spired Buddhist temples and streets lined with food carts are overlooked by restaurants on top of skyscrapers.

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RX Indonesia Team

Reed Panorama Exhibitions
Tel: +62 21 2556 5000
Fax: +62 21 2556 5040

Based in Jakarta, Reed Panorama Exhibitions (RPE) is a joint venture between Reed Exhibitions and Indonesia’s leading tourism, transportation and hospitality group of companies, the Panorama Group. Jakarta is the country's economic, cultural and political centre, being the most populous city in both Indonesia and Southeast Asia. The RPE office has 55 staff and is located in the middle of the city’s business district surrounded by cafés, shops and restaurants and easy to reach by public transport.  Jakarta has many entertainment centres and international-class hotels and restaurants and the city also possesses numerous historical and cultural heritage sites to explore.

RPE creates professional, quality business to business platforms by working closely with relevant government agencies, industry partners, trade associations, venue owners, contractors and customers to deliver events, for the industry by the industry. Currently, RPE organizes twelve events in Indonesia, serving the building/construction, franchising/licensing, maritime, mining, transport/logistics, and consumer sectors such as Indonesia Comic Con and Maternity, Baby & Kids Expo.  RPE is a vibrant business which is in a period of strong growth so we are seeking dynamic, entrepreneurial individuals who want to be part of our success. 

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Reed Exhibitions Russia
Tel: +7 495 937 6861
Fax: +7 495 937 6862
Email for candidates:
Email for clients:

Based in Moscow, Reed Exhibitions Russia since 2006 provides business growth for thousands of companies at 15 shows which are headliners in their industries in Russia and CIS region, some of them are leaders in Central and Eastern Europe. Reed Russia’s portfolio includes world-known exhibition brands: InterCHARM (beauty shows in Moscow and St. Petersburg), Aquatherm (heating, water supply, etc.; runs in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Novosibirsk), PAP-FOR (pulp and paper show in St. Petersburg), IPLS (private label show in Moscow), NAIS (civil aviation infrastructure show in Moscow) and IPSA (promotion and merchandising; runs twice a year in Moscow).

With its unique innovative approach, Reed Russia’s energetic team creates perfect opportunities for businesses, supporting markets with the relevant data and creating multicultural business communities. Our shows are growing even during complicated periods in economy – that’s why our innovations become new gold standards for the Russian exhibition market.

Our office is located in Moscow’s historical district, within walking distance from the Kremlin and other famous sights, surrounded by newly renovated parks, theaters, cafés, shopping centers and comfortable pedestrian boulevards. This location is perfect in terms of public transport links – just a short walk from several underground stations as well as bus and trolleybus lines to most of directions.

We believe that everyone’s personality in our office, our experienced background in many areas, our willingness to practice and our drive to succeed are the main reasons for Reed Russia’s record-breaking results.

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