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Our Digital division is focused on using agile and lean methodologies to bring value to our customers at our events.

We look for people who have experience of these methodologies, who are self-motivated and can work within globally distributed teams. If you're passionable about coming up with creative solutions to problems, you'll fit right in here.


Product Management

Our Product Management team is responsible for working with consumers and businesses to identify the needs of customers.

You'll create product backlogs to help to define what our product strategy is going forward.

Iteration or Delivery Management

Our Iteration Management team is responsible for working between Product Management and Development, to define what is going to be built at any given time and how it's prioritised. You'll make sure we have a plan of how to release this functionality into the solution.

Our Delivery Management team is responsible for co-ordinating across work streams and understanding what our plans are for release. You'll establish what our interdependencies are and bring all of the work streams together into a cohesive delivery plan.

User Experience or QA

Our User Experience team tests with consumers and the business units about the customer journey, and ensures that we’re creating opportunities with tools. You'll help to build services that are easiest for our customers to navigate and get the information that they need.

Our Quality Assurance team is responsible for creating our automated test scripts. You'll make sure that we have a fully tested solution prior to releasing it into production.

Digital Engineering

Our Digital Engineering team use paired programming methodology and a combination of online and offshore resources to code and develop solutions.

You'll work with languages and software such as react JS, .Net, c# and Adobe Experience Manager. 

Read stories from our Digital team

Digital Blank

Elaine's Story

"RX embraces data to bring business values and customer satisfaction which is really delightful."

I'm a Global Product Owner for Matchmaking within RX Digital team. The role provides me with great opportunities to contribute to ideas and build our robust recommendation engine to deliver high quality matches to our customers.

I am most satisfied to know that our matches help customers to experience the shows better and lead them to build long lasting business relationships. 

In addition, I have good exposure to partners, product managers and data scientists from the RELX Group of companies where we can share knowledge, experience and results from projects. 

RX Digital is a friendly and supportive place to work - we value team work, diversity and career growth.

Karen's Story

"It has been really interesting working in an organisation undergoing digital transformation."

A key benefit of joining a project that started from scratch is that each individual is able to help define the ways of work and the product direction.

I have both personally and professionally learned a lot about best practices in high quality enterprise software delivery, from both product management and tech perspectives.

Career Progression in Digital

Within certain roles such as Product Management and User Experience, there are opportunities to travel with our business units around the globe. This could be on an as-needed basis, as well as during events to secure customers’ feedback and research.

Team Building: We have group activities and lunch & learns based on what we're working on

Upskilling: Mentoring is available to ensure your continuous growth and development

Hackathons: Our teams come together to try and solve problems using creative solutions

Working In Digital

Within our Digital teams, we adopt lean portfolio management techniques and an agile planning and delivery framework. As our projects are so varied, we look for individuals who are open, adaptable, great communicators and can learn from people with different skills, backgrounds and perspectives.  

There is close collaboration between our teams who work together with the goal of building smart solutions for new capabilities to support our shows. Above all, this forward-thinking department is focused on creating an unrivalled user experience and customer journey.

Alan, Sr Director Product Management, Matchmaking

"I enjoy bringing digital to the Exhibition Industry. The opportunity is Greenfield, so is challenging and rewarding."

Who does what in Digital

Engineering & QA


Product Management


Delivery Management & Other Roles


User Experience


We crunched the numbers to show what our Digital department works on.

We have a wide breadth of career paths available, from testing our solutions in Quality Assurance, to bringing all of our work streams together in Delivery Management.

No matter what your role is, if you've got the drive to make a difference in Digital then we'll train, develop and reward you.

Digital team in numbers

people in our department
major work streams of digital products that we support
Apple users vs. Android
months average tenure on the team

You might not know

Due to the increased focus on our digital applications and creating a good experience for our customers, we have significantly moved away from a contractor base into a permanent relationship with our Richmond team.

The majority of the team sits in Richmond, with some of our development activities now supported out of Chennai as well.

We’re focused on creating a highly skilled and diverse workforce across a number of factors, including gender, age and nationality. For example, the number of women in our department has grown by 20% in the past two years.


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